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LED lighting testing standards
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Author:  lisungroup [ 19 Mar 2014, 12:17 ]
Post subject:  LED lighting testing standards

LED luminous surface is small, narrow beam, the characteristics of high brightness, in order to deal with this problem, CIE respectively was established the “TC2-45 LED measurement” and “TC2-46 CIE/ISO LED light intensity measurement standard” two technical committee. CIE TC2-34 group held a meeting in Vienna headquarters in October 1997, formulated and recommended the CIE 127-1997 LED measurement standards,and it involves LED measurement standard LED radiation, the luminosity and color measurement. But in recent years, due to the rapid development of LED lighting technology, especially white LED products, many problems are have not considered in the past. Therefore, CIE annual meeting held in Tokyo Japan in 1999, the representatives of the developed countries proposed, CIE TC2-34 white LED lighting appliance standards formulated, the Japanese delegation also submit the average white LED lighting two draft standards.
In order to develop LED lighting technology, developed countries are attach more importance to the research of LED test methods and standards. Such as the American national standards institute (NIST) test organization international well-known test experts in the study, mainly research the LED characteristics and temperature characteristic and failure characteristics testing method, and tries to establish a complete set of LED test methods and technical standards, in the side of LED test, has walk in the forefront of the world.
In our country recently years, china light association photoelectric device professional branch organized academic discussion and communication of semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LED) test methods, the industry gradually formed a unified understanding, and formulate a unified industry standard SJ/T2355-2005 “semiconductor light-emitting diode test method”, it is plays an important role in the industry communication and contrast, this standard is not only adopts CIE127-1997 “Measurement of LED” method, and combining with development demand of white LED lighting power type, increased demand for the development of color characteristics, LED junction temperature measurement method , the parameters for the development of lighting LED products provide a very important basis.

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